Life with PLP

PLP has been busy making moves in our personal life as well as with your business. We have enjoyed relaxing this summer planning our next steps and making them happen. One exciting news from us is that Ignacio and I will be parents in 3 more months (god willing). We had a few set backs around May after we purchased our new home and it was broken into 2 weeks later taking a toll on our business after thieves stole a lot of our equipment and computers. We were blessed to be back on our feet 2 weeks later and our business was back up and running. I also wanted to take this time to share some special images of our baby announcement as well as some portraits that Ignacio took of me a few days ago. 

Baby Scarlett

Sharing a session we did back in January of sweet baby Scarlett and her mum and dad and big brother! Scarlett was such a calm baby the whole time we were there! These are a few of my favorite images of her and her fam! Enjoy.

Cardona Family

We are excited to be sharing the Cardona- Oyervidez family. Their session took place back in January when they were preparing to welcome their fourth member of their family!--- Their tiny bundle of joy is finally here and couldn't be cuter!

We really enjoyed getting to chat and catch up with these 2, while getting to know their tiny human. There were so many great images from this session and was a bit hard to narrow it down to a few. Enjoy!

Martinez Family | Houston TX

Today I am sharing a lovely Holiday session that took place this past december. I was very happy to be photographing Baby Miles for the first time. We had actually had the opportunity to photograph Danny and Francis back in 2015, along with their wedding, and maternity session. When Francis contacted us I was super excited to be meeting the new member. 

Here are a few of my favorite images, enjoy!

Proctor Family | Third Ward Houston, TX

I was super happy to hear from Jane back in December, when she inquired about prospective date to photograph her cute family. Jane and John would be coming down from NY for the holidays to visit their families, so I knew that their time may be constricted with activities. I was excited to have a few openings being that December is one of the busiest months. 

When selecting their location, we were both torn on what exactly we wanted. We first thought about a Houston monument from a special artist that both Jane and John admire. At the last minute we decided to change it to the amazing non- profit location known as Project Row House, project row houses mission is be the catalyst of transforming community through the celebration of art and African-American history and culture. This place is special to all of us and was excited to have been able to photograph here once again. Jane and John's photos could not of been better. It was definitely one of the chilliest days in Houston, but we did not let that stop us. We all just made sure to layer up and enjoy the day. Here are some of my favorite images of the evening.



Giulianna + Martin | Houston Texas

We have been very busy with work these past months that we have again neglected our blog.  So now, I am happy to be sharing my favorite images of Giuliana and Martin's Wedding anniversary session. These guys have been married a whole 2 years and they couldn't be more In love. I enjoyed photographing them very much. We tried to keep the afternoon casual with meeting at park, conversations and drinks at local spots as we worked our way around the block. We had the pleasure of photographing these two as far back as their engagement session as well as their wedding. Can't wait to continue documenting their love and family. 

Enjoy the photographs!!!

Cassandra + Todd | Houston Tx

Sharing one of my favorite wedding's from a few years ago. I really loved all the details the bride and groom decided to incorporate in their big day. Here are some of my favorite images, enjoy!

Teran Family | Stafford Tx

I would like to share a couple of my favorite images from the T- Family session. The colors mom picked were beautiful, fun and bright, we got great portraits of these guys!


Abby + Norbert | Anniversary Session

Abby and Norbert's love story is one I absolutely fall over for. High school sweethearts, 8 years married, 2 kids later and you can see how they fall more in love with each other every second that goes by. Abby and Nor define fun-loving, playful, and romantic couple in love, and this is everything I hope for when I photograph couples. This session was very special to me and to the both of them, being that it would be another amazing year under their belt. 

We decided to begin shooting around 3:00pm in order to have enough time to begin at one of our 4 locations. The day was a bit warm, but not to bad since there was a minor breeze. We all laughed, played, sang, danced and ended the evening off just right. 

We always enjoy photographing these two lovers, cheers to many more!


Kathy Aranda | Houston TX

We are so excited to be sharing Kathy's maternity session from last week. Kathy is a first time mommy and also my best friend. We have been companions ever since 5th grade summer school. I invited her over to my birthday, we were both sporting looney tunes overalls and it was like love at first sight. lol! . We have been inseparable ever since that summer, I love my friend dearly. 

I am so happy that Kathy and Ernesto will be experiencing parenthood in a couple of months. We love you guys and couldn't be happier. We will be photographing them again this coming weekend and I cant wait to share those image. 



Hair and Makeup by: Melissa Gomez- Her Instagram

Benitez Family | Houston TX

The Benitez did such an amazing job during their photo session with us. Not only was this their first official photo session as a family, but they were celebrating their marriage of 10 years. The session was scheduled to last 1 hour, however we ended up losing track of time and almost hit the 2 hour mark. oops (it will happen sometimes) I would like to share a few of my favorite images that were captured that evening. Enjoy! 

Matos Family

We were fortunate to be asked to photograph the Matos family once again! These are some of my favorite images that were captured of the day. Jessica is a portrait photographer aswell, so it is always fun to be able to photograph other creatives and their families. Enjoy!

We were fortunate to be asked to photograph the Matos family once again! These are some of my favorite images that were captured of the day. Jessica is a portrait photographer aswell, so it is always fun to be able to photograph other creatives and their families. Enjoy!

Familia Diaz | Houston TX

I do not blog our sessions as much as I should, but I could not help post a few of my favorite images of the Diaz Fam. I was pretty exited when I was asked to photograph them again, the last time- was for baby Nikos cake smash a while back. Our session was scheduled the day after the time change so we were not to prepared for mother nature,however the photos were still amazing! I rushed out of my day job (junior high teacher) in route to our location, parking was not helpful, not to mention the day light,and  mosquitos- but as soon as we started shooting I forgot all my worries. We had fun photographing and were able to capture some great photographs. Here are a few of my favorite. Enjoy!