Abby + Norbert | Anniversary Session

Abby and Norbert's love story is one I absolutely fall over for. High school sweethearts, 8 years married, 2 kids later and you can see how they fall more in love with each other every second that goes by. Abby and Nor define fun-loving, playful, and romantic couple in love, and this is everything I hope for when I photograph couples. This session was very special to me and to the both of them, being that it would be another amazing year under their belt. 

We decided to begin shooting around 3:00pm in order to have enough time to begin at one of our 4 locations. The day was a bit warm, but not to bad since there was a minor breeze. We all laughed, played, sang, danced and ended the evening off just right. 

We always enjoy photographing these two lovers, cheers to many more!